At Wyomissing Clock Repair, we specialize in tall case clock repair. I, Gregg Perry am the principle lead horologist, and conservator. We comprise a staff of two clockmakers and two watchmakers with over 70 years of combined horological experience.  Our training includes that from the British Horological Institute (BHI), NAWCC School of Horology, AWI, West Dean College and multiple apprenticeships throughout Europe.  Three of the five horologists at Wyomissing Clock Repair teach at the NAWCC School of Horology.  We can service any horological object from 1665-present.  Our mantra is a conservation bent as opposed to those who simply just repair mechanisms just to get them functioning.  Our priority is a respect for the object, reversibility, and originality.   We are comprised of one of the most qualified horological staffs in the country, with the supreme emphasis on conservation, believing that the object is more important than its custodian.


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